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For over 60 years, Simplot Western Stockmen’s has been serving the livestock industry by offering everything you need to raise healthy animals, from fresh-made livestock feed, to animal health products, to the expertise to answer your questions. Our four feed stores are located in the Pacific Northwest. At Simplot Western Stockmen’s you can purchase animal health supplies, fencing, hardware, mineral and supplements, and livestock feed for a variety of animals. Simplot Western Stockmen’s stores carry a complete line of products and supplies for your operation. We manufacture Pride by Simplot TM - our own brand of high-quality, cost-effective feed, as well as provide made-to-order custom formulations. Simplot Western Stockmen’s acts as a specialized dealer that sells everything animal owners need to raise healthy livestock including prescription veterinary medications. Our staff provides customers with a depth of knowledge and excellent customer service that other retailers do not. When animals owners have problems that need solving, we can provide the advice necessary to point them in the right direction. So when you need fresh livestock feed or any other products for your livestock, head over to one of our feed stores, you will be glad you did.
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